The technological activities of the business, as a result of 20 years experience, cover the entire textile-clothing sector; from purely textile characteristics to complex tests and trials in search of dangerous substances prohibited by EU regulations.

Since 1992 the Centro Servizi Calza is Accredia (Italian Accreditation Body) accredited therefore qualifying it as a body operating in accordance with a quality system defined by the UNI-CEI-EN-ISO / IEC-17025.To this end the Centro Servizi Calza and Accredia have signed an agreement where mutual commitments arising from accreditation are shown.

The Accredia certification and the issue of a credited test report guarantee recipients:

  • that the test content is performed in accordance with European standards of guarantee and quality
  • that the studio has been properly assessed by independent experts;
  • that the laboratory applies strictly defined test methods;
  • that the measures taken ​​by the studio are traceable to national or international standards.

Accredia, as a member of ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) has entered into mutual recognition agreements with accreditation bodies of different States.In such a way the size and validity of the accreditation of the Centro extends to European countries and all major states worldwide.

A list of participating countries to the agreement of mutual recognition is available on the ILAC site

The Credited Test Report enables CSC clients to make declarations of conformity to the product in line with customers requirements on an international scale.

Further information on the national and international accreditation system can be found on the Accredia site.

To view the list of accredited tests click here and enter the accreditation number 0044 under the heading:


Thanks to the experience gained over several years of activity, the Centro is able to provide support to companies, taking over any technological problems during the production process.

Through the analysis of raw materials, the production process and the semi-finished and finished product, it is possible to identify the processing steps that are faulty. In case of disputes and civil litigation, the CSC is able to provide technical support throughout the judicial process, from the presentation of the case to the written expert opinion. The support offered by the Centro also covers:

  • compilation of technology and product schemes,
  • researching voluntary standards (UNI, ISO, DIN),
  • researching laws or regulations in Europe.

Ecolabel is the European eco-label, the symbol of which is the flower, that helps the consumer to distinguish goods and services that have less impact on the environment.

Ecological criteria are defined through the analysis of the product life cycle: for each type of product all environmental impacts are identified and those which are reasonably judged to be eligible for improvement are taken into account.

The brand is a guarantee of the environmental quality of products and services that exhibit it, as it provides clear and reliable information on the environmental characteristics of such consumers.

The structures which receive the Ecolabel trade mark may well stand out, at a European level, for their commitment to the improvement of environmental quality.

The application for the obtaining permission to the Ecolabel trade mark must be submitted on the appropriate form and accompanied by the necessary technical documentation showing compliance with the ecological criteria of the product from the Competent Body in the country where the good is produced.

The CSC studio is licensed to conduct ecological and regulatory tests
required for the issue of the Ecolabel trade mark and provides businesses with assistance and technical – organizational support for the issue of the trademark.


CE stands for Conformité Européenne; it is not a mark of quality but indicates that the product that receives it complies with the requirements set by the Directive which should be referred to following the declaration of use decided by the manufacturer.

For example, medical stockings are classified as class 1a medical devices and are subject to the European Directive 93/42 / EEC. By affixing the ‘CE’ mark the producer or his legal representative declares that the product has been certified in conformity with the requirements.

The use of the CE marking is mandatory and gives the right to free movement throughout the local area to products covered by a Community Directive, which lays down the essential requirements so that they do not harm the health and safety of users or the environment.

In order to affix the CE marking on a product the producer must follow certain procedures: studio tests, documents attesting to certification of the product,the quality system and the manufacturing processes carried out.

The CE marking facilitates the verification of conformity of products, manufactured in third-party countries, which may do business within the common market.

In particular, Centro Servizi Calza Srl is the only Italian studio, accredited by ACCREDIA, able to carry out checks on product conformity to European and English norms (BS 6612: 1985, ENV 12718: 2002, ENV 12719: 2002) and issue the certificate of conformity. The CSC provides technical and organisational support to draft documents, such as:

  • The collection of technical documentation

  • Risk management

  • Management procedures

  • The declaration of conformity required for tights and stockings

Compliance to REACH.
The REACH Regulation 1907/2006 provides specific requirements for manufacturers and importers of chemicals and the prohibits substances particularly hazardous to human health and the environment entering the European market.

Producers and importers of articles such as textile products are subject to the following obligations:

  • It is prohibited to place articles containing dangerous substances on the market;
  • Communication upstream and downstream the supply chain of the presence of dangerous substances is compulsory;
  • Civil and criminal liability for the importer to the final consumer for the above.

Centro Servizi Calza offers:



Centro Servizi Calza Srl proposes a new verification service and support for the implementation of REACH in textile companies.
The service includes:

  • Assessment of company situation
  • Checking safety data sheets of substances and articles present in the company
  • Verification of the presence of restricted substances
  • Verification of the presence of critical substances (CMR. PBT. VPvB)
  • Development of the business function of REACH adequacy monitoring
  • Final evaluation report of the company in view of REACH
  • Progression towards the implementation of REACH compliance


Under the new ‘Code of consumption’ legislation the market is paying more and more attention to the information given to the consumer.

Centro Servizi Calza has activated a service for establishing the correct labeling of textile products, aimed at both producers and consumers’ associations.

The service provides for the determination of fibre composition, maintenance symbols and instructions on the recycling of packaging materials.



The Testing Centers of CSC Centro Servizi Impresa operate under a quality system defined by the UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025 certified since 1992 by Accredia, the Italian accreditation system (n. 0044 accreditation).


Since 2007, the CSC Centro Servizi Impresa is QuESTIO accredited (Quality Evaluation in Science and Technology for Innovation Opportunity), the system devised by the Lombardy Region to promote a network of Centres of Research and Innovation (CRTT), of Productive activities and Lombardi Cluster Technology (CTL).



Since January 2015, the CSC Centro Servizi Impresa is a member of the Lombardy Fabbrica Intelligente, an association with the objective of promoting innovation both nationally and internationally.