Il Centro Servizi Calza was established as a response to the demands of a now large industry in which there was a need to consolidate and strengthen characteristics of quality and excellence.

The hosiery district had developed during the 1960s thanks to the fortunate presence of certain factors:

  • High professionalism due to workers with more years of experience.
  • A rapid circulation of information which has promoted and encouraged continuous innovation.
  • The presence of an entrepreneurial culture.
  • Adequate financial support of local banking institutions.

In 1986 the ‘Centre for Studies and Promotion of Hosiery in Castel Goffredo’ initiative emerged thanks to the local rural bank in order to promote ‘service within the area of ​​Castel Goffredo to facilitate the spread of information and to also bring in reflection, research and discussion on specific issues in the production area’.

Centro Servizi Calza has such become operational in the spring of 1990 and is aimed at all companies belonging to the hosiery industry (female and male).The headquarters is located in Castel Goffredo , the town with the greatest concentration of hosiery in Italy where it is now under the new name CSC Centro Servizi Impresa.