LA MODA in CALZA® is the name of the timely, comprehensive and effective fashion anticipation that CSC Centro Servizi Impresa provides to companies in the textile – hosiery – lingerie and clothing sector.

The service, now active for more than twenty years, has increasingly expanded available information thus enriching the offer with targeted studies and research not only with regards to socks and tights, but also to new ranges of women, men, boy and girl products that emerged over time in the interest of the producers of the sector (underwear, sleepwear, sportswear, home wear clothing, t-shirts and leisure clothing).

The information and guidance on fashion trends are made ​​available about 15 months in advance of the selling season to better meet the production needs for preparation of seasonal collections.

The anticipated trends are presented in two meetings, twice a year, for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter Fashion Trends.

In the meetings, an independent designer introduces the industry trend for CSC CENTRO SERVIZI IMPRESA with the main woman, man, girl and boy material, color, design and pattern trends, supplementing them with a focus on the major international fashion shows.

The Fashion Trends are followed with particular attention and participation from small and medium businesses, that can benefit from an information service updated to be transmit to their style area and also from large companies in order to find comparison and confirmation on current and future trends.